Pet dermatology applied to Grooming

4 day seminar

For many years I have studied grooming and vet dermatology because my French Bulldog Gwen developped very serious skin issues at an early age. I realised most vets had no answer about what was going on. I wanted to know and understand so I could help her in the best way I could. 

After several years,  I decided to combine dermatology and grooming to create a new grooming course that would take into consideration the health of pet skin and hair but also teach to groomers how grooming can positively or negatively interfere with it.
Through a theorical course, serious games and debates you will learn all you need to know about skin and hair as a groomer.

Next dates in UK:

Birmingham area : 10th to 13th February 2020 (Venue to be determined according to the number of participants.

Newcastle Upon Tyne : 16th to 19th 2020 at Pawfect Style Dog Grooming, The Old Brunswick, South Shields

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Total price for the seminar is £380

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