As a groomer, our role is to prepare, clean, and stylize pets. To do it we work with the hair and the skin. This involves knowing how they work and how to keep them healthy. We also need to know what to do or not to do when they are in poor health.
We must know how our working techniques, our tools, our chemicals interfere with the skin and the hair to obtain the best possible results and avoid damage.
The skin is a complex, fragile organ that must be handled with care and gentleness. The hair is just one of the many elements of the skin. Coming out of a hair follicle itself complex, it is important to understand what a hair is, what makes it and what it is possible or not to do with if we want to keep it healthy.
In this 4 days seminar, we will talk about dermatology and we will begin to discuss the concepts of cosmetology, the two disciplines being intimately linked.
Nathalie Ariey-Jouglard is coming from France for 2 special sessions of her seminar of Pet Dermatology Applied to Grooming !! One of the best dermatology class of the moment in the field of grooming, totally up to date with all the scientific data on cat and dog skin !!
Do you want to know how skin and hair work ? How the air, water, tools, etc impact on them ? How to deal with greasy, dry, irritated skin and more ?
During those 4 days you will be able to learn all this and much more.
Saint Louis 23rd to 26th April 2020

Pet Dermatology Applied to Grooming USA

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